• Fourth of July

    Happy 4th of July!  On this fun and celebratory day, it is important to remember the comfort and care of our pets.  Many of us will be attending picnics, parades, and celebrations and our pets will either stay at home or join in the celebrations.

    While we enjoy fireworks and love the beautiful displays, it is important to remember that our pets aren’t so enamored of loud noises.  More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day!  The reason is because they are frightened and the loud noises often cause them to run from familiar surroundings in an attempt to get away.

    Keeping this in mind, there are several things we can do to make sure that our pets are safe and happy on this exciting day.

    • Never set off fireworks near your pet. Not only will they frighten your pet, but they may burn them as well.  It’s best to leave your pet at home rather than taking them with you to the fireworks display
    • Make sure your pet is secure. Putting them inside in a safe room or crate surrounded by their favorite toys and blanket will help them feel more comfortable and will prevent them from escaping when people come and go from your house.  It will also prevent them from injuring themselves while you are away.  Do NOT keep your dog outside on a chain or in a yard.  Pets will often do anything to escape if they are frightened.
    • Next, make sure that alcoholic drinks are not left within your pets reach. It may seem funny to watch your pet stumbling around, but pets are far more susceptible to alcohol poisoning than humans.
    • Sunscreen may seem like a good idea, but there are many chemicals in sunscreen that are not safe for your pet.  It is better to provide them a shady area where they are are safe from harmful rays!  Also, make sure they have plenty of water.
    • Do not use bug spray on your pet!  DEET can cause neurological damage!
    • It may seem obvious – but make sure matches and lighter fluid are kept out of reach of your pet
    • Don’t feed your pet a lot of table scraps. Keep them on their regular diet to avoid diarrhea and stomach upset

    By taking these simple precautions, both you and your pet will have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

    For emergencies, we recommend PetMed Emergency Center

    If possible, please call prior to arriving 901-624-9002


    555 Trinity Creek Cove
    Cordova, TN 38018
    Ph: 901-624-9002
    Fx: 901-624-9014Get Directions


    Monday – Thursday
    6:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.

    6:00 p.m. Friday –
    8:00 a.m. Monday

    We’re also open
    all major holidays!

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    PetMed Emergency Center is located on Trinity Creek Cove near the intersection of Germantown Parkway and Walnut Grove Road.

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