boarding Luxury Boarding Facilities. Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital offers luxury boarding facilities. These facilities provide a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable environment than traditional cinder block and chain link facilities and provide our guests with a more comfortable environment during their stay.

The walls of each run are made out of high pressure laminate covered panels and tempered glass doors which help to cut down on noise, and allow more light into each run. Also, each room has a resting bench in the rear, and door mounted water and food bowls to help prevent spills.

We boast a total of fourteen rooms ranging in size from 3 ft x 4ft to 4ft x 8ft. Our largest luxury suites include 30 minutes of playtime twice daily with a trained attendant, dismissal bath and daily snacks. In our standard rooms, you may choose add-on options such as play time, daily snacks, and toys for an additional charge.

We also have a fenced outdoor play yard with six large yards to allow our guests some outside play time when weather permits.


Boarding for cats. Of course, cats also need a space of their own. An upstairs area has been designed specifically for housing our feline guests in an area

completely separate from our canine guests. Standard guest facilities include rooms with hidden litter pans to keep the litter out of the living area so that the cats have a cleaner, healthier living space. Each room also has its own resting shelf. Our cat room also has a climbing tree and a comfortable perch in front of an upstairs window to allow our guests to watch the world outside. Add-ons are also available.


Luxury cat suites. In addition, two luxury suites provided by The Cat’s Inn are available in our specially designed cat room. In these suites, cats have an unobstructed view of their surroundings behind full-length tempered glass doors. Cats have complete privacy in the designer kitty litter box area located on the first floor behind solid hardwood doors. With six floors for playing, cats will enjoy their visit at Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital. As with the luxury canine suites, our luxury cat suites include one half hour of playtime each day with a trained attendant.

Quality boarding experience. We take pride in providing a quality boarding experience in a modern, safe, and comfortable environment. Our trained attendants are devoted to the health and well being of your much-loved family member. We love pets, and enjoy caring for them. Our clean and contemporary facility offers the perfect worry free “home away from home” atmosphere for those who desire lots of personalized care and attention for their pets.