Free Vaccines for Life


We understand that your pet is important to you.  Just like you need a physical exam every year, so does your pet.  Our Free Vaccines for Life program is designed as an incentive to remind you to bring your pet in once a year.  By having your pet examined once a year, we can diagnose potential health issues before they become a problem, helping your pet to live a longer, happier life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There is a one time membership fee of $49.  New patients must also pay for an exam at the time of enrollment ($38).  You are required to bring your pet in for his or her annual exam once per year.  The basic exam fee is $38.  As long as you remain current on your pet’s exams, program vaccines will be included at no charge.

What happens if I miss my annual appointment?

If you miss your annual appointment, we will give you an additional 30 days to bring your pet in for an exam.  If you do not bring your pet in for their annual exam, after the 30 days lapses, your pet will be removed from the program and you will be required to pay the membership fee to re-enroll your pet.

How often should I bring my pet in for an exam?

One exam each year is required for the program.  However, we recommend that puppies and kittens under 4 months of age schedule an appointment every 3-4 weeks, while pets over 7 years should be seen every six months.

Can I take my pet to another vet for their annual exam?

No.  You must see one of our doctors annually to remain enrolled in the program.  By bringing your pet to us each year, we are better able to assess your overall pet’s health and any changes that may need attention.

What if I have to give my pet away?  Is the membership transferable?

We will assess these situations on a case by case basis.

If my pet dies and I get a new pet, do I need to pay for another membership?

Yes.  The membership is assigned to the pet and covers the pet for the remainder of his or her life.

I just got a new puppy/kitten.  Does the program cover all of his or her puppy/kitten shots?

Yes.  All puppy/kitten program vaccines are included.  We do recommend that you also have your new pet examined according to the puppy/kitten schedule.  We recommend exams for puppies and kittens under 4 months of age every 3-4 weeks ($28).

What vaccines are included?

Puppy/kitten DHCP or FVRCP
Feline Leukemia

Are tests and other services included in the package?

No.  Additional tests the doctor may recommend including but not limited to heartworm tests, fecal exams, deworming, flea treatments, heartworm prevention and feline leukemia are additional costs.